Kathina season Pa Pah 

This annual ceremony will be held again on Sunday 12th October at the Offwell Village Hall near Honiton.  It will start with a rice pindapat (alms round) at about 11am and continue after the meal with paritta chanting, the ofering of robes and requisites, and a Dhamma talk.  We are joined this year by both Ajahn Tiradhammo, who for many years was abbot of the Dhammapala monastery in Switzerland, and more recently of the Bodhinyanarama monastery in New Zealand, and Ajahn Karuniko from Chithurst monastery in Sussex. The village hall is not far from the A35 outside Honiton and the postcode is EX14 9SB.


Meditation Workshops  are usually held on the last Saturday of the month for both new and experienced meditators. These run from 1:30 - 4:30pm, or you can arrive earlier for the meal offering at 11:30am

Upcoming Dates:

September 27th

October 25th

November 29th


Sunday Evenings there is a puja, meditation and talk every week starting at 7pm and usually finishing before 9pm, with an opportunity for a cup of tea afterwards for those who wish.  Open to all and newcomers are welcome.  If you are coming for the first time please come early so that we can say hello.